BL21Condon Plus (DE3)-RIPL chemically Competent Cells

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BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL Chemically Competent Cell

Packing 10 x 0.1 ml/tube

Store at –80°C

E. coli B F- ompT hsdS(rB- mB-) dcm+ Tetr gal λ(DE3) endA Hte [argU proL Camr]  [argU ileY leuW Strep/Specr]

Alternative name
BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL chemically Competent Cells,BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL  Competent E.coli,BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL Competent Cells, BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL chemically E.coli Express Competent Cells


      The original K-12 wild-type strain from the Stanford collection contained both the F plasmid and phage lambda. MG1655 was constructed by curing that strain using acridine orange and UV.This strain was sequenced by the Blattner laboratory because it approximates wild-type E. coli and "has been maintained as a laboratory strain with minimal genetic manipulation, having only been cured of the temperate bacteriophage lambda and F plasmid by means of ultraviolet light and acridine orange, respectively." (Blattner, et al. 1997). The mutations listed in the genotype are present in most K-12 strains and were probably acquired early in the history of the laboratory strain. A frameshift at the end of rph results in decreased pyrE expression and a mild pyrimidine starvation, such that the strain grows 10 to 15% more slowly in pyrimidine-free medium than in medium containing uracil (Jensen 1993). The ilvG- mutation is a frameshift that knocks out acetohydroxy acid synthase II (Lawther, et al. 1982). The rfb-50 mutation is an IS5 insertion that results in the absence of O-antigen synthesis (Liu and Reeves 1994).
          MG1655 was derived and named by Mark Guyer from strain W1485, which was derived in Joshua Lederberg's lab from a stab-culture descendant of the original K-12 isolate. This original E. coli strain K-12 was obtained from a stool sample of a diphtheria patient in Palo Alto, CA in 1922 (Bachmann, B., pp. 2460-2488 in Neidhardt et al.1996, Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology, ASM Press).MG1655 grows on LB and M9 minimal medium (+ Glucose + 1ug/ml thiamine).

Transformation Protocol

1.Please store BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL  Chemically Competent Cell in -80°C for late use.

2. Thaw a tube of BL21CONDON PLUS (DE3)-RIPL  Chemically Competent Cell

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