GV3101 chemically Agrobacterium Express Competent Cells

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GV3101 chemically Competent Cells

Product specifications

GV3101                          10 × 100 μl

PCAMBIA2301 (control vector)     10 ng / μl 10 l

Store at  –80°C



C58 (rif R) Ti pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) ( gentR/strepR) Nopaline


Alternative name
GV3101 chemically Competent Cells,GV3101 Competent Agrobacterium,GV3101 Competent Cells,GV3101 chemically Agrobacterium Express Competent Cells


Product Description

The GV3101 strain is a C58-type background, and the nuclear gene contains a screening label, the rifampicin resistance gene rif, which carries a nopaline type Ti plasmid pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) without self-transport function for ease of transformation .The plasmid contains the vir gene (the vir gene is a necessary component for the insertion of the T-DNA into the plant genome, and the T-DNA transfer function of the pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) plasmid is destroyed but can help to transfer the transferred transporter T-DNA) .The PMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) Ti plasmid contains a screening label: gent, which confer GV3101 strain gentamicin resistance and is suitable for transgenic operation of Arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, corn, potato and other plants. Our

company's GV3101 chemical transformation The cells were treated with a special process and the

pCAMBIA2301 plasmid was assayed for transformation efficiency> 104 cfu /μg DNA.


Method of operation

1. Please store GV3101 Chemically Competent Cell in -80°C for late use. Place it on Room temperature to partial melting.Then Thaw a tube of GV3101 Chemically Competent Cell

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