Mach1-T1 chemically Competent Cells

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Mach1-T1 chemically Competent Cells



Mach1-T1  Competent Cells:                                                            10μl/tube
pUC19(control vector,10ng/μl )                            10μl
Storage                                         -80℃(6month)


Mach1-T1 chemically Competent Cells Genotype 

F- φ80(lacZ)ΔM15 ΔlacX74 hsdR(rK- mK+) ΔrecA1398 endA1 tonA


Mach1-T1 chemically Competent Cells Description

Mach1-T1 strains from the wild type non-K-12 E. Coli strain W transformation, is the growth rate of competent cells faster, on the plate of 8h visible clone deletion endonuclease (endA), improve the yield and quality of plasmid DNA; recombinant enzyme deficient (recA1398) to reduce the probability of homologous recombination fragment insertion, guarantee the stability of insertion DNA; lacZ M15 of the Mach1-T1 can be used by blue white screening; tonA resistance mutation gives Mach1-T1 strains on phage T1 and T5. The Mach1-T1 receptive cells were made by a special process, and the pUC19 plasmid was used to detect the conversion efficiency of >109cfu/ mu g DNA.



1.STORAGE AND HANDLING: Competent cells should be stored at–80°C. Storage at –20°C will result in a significant decrease in transformation efficiency. Cells lose efficiency whenever they are warmed above –80°C, even if they do not thaw.

2. This product is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY!

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