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Human ANG(Angiogenin) ELISA Kit and Its Applications

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Human ANG(Angiogenin) ELISA Kit and Its Applications Keyword: Human Ang ELISA Kit Author: A human being may suffer from many diseases. Some occur due to malfunctions in internal organs of a body or hereditary in nature while others affect due to external or surrounding factors. Age of a person also contributes to sickness or disorder. Among all diseases, there are illnesses such as cancer and cardiac vascular problems that begin with blood in the body. With its ever lasting researches, mankind has discovered causes and solutions to such ill healths. Researches are carried out on both humans and animals like Human, rat. Since a few similarities exist between humans and above animals related to processes and reactions in body, both outcomes and produced antibodies lead to credible logical conclusions. Human Ang ELISA Kit is a test that gives details information about this protein stimulator and process of angiogenesis in the body of a Human. The researchers found about angiogenin ( a ribonuclease or an amino acid protein) and how this stimulator controls level or extent of formation as well as activity of new blood vessels from existing vessels.

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