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pAP1-Luc Informaiton

Function Mammal reporter plasmid

Strain DH5alpha

Culture temperature 37degrees centigrade

Carrier name: pAP-1-Luc

Plasmid type: signal pathway reporting system carrier

High copy / low copy:

Promoter: -

Cloning methods: polyclonal sites, restriction endonucleases

Carrier size: 5.7kb

5'sequencing primers and sequences: -

3'sequencing primers and sequences: -

Carrier Tags: -

Vector resistance: Ampicillin


pAP1-Luc Description

Base pairs  5653
AP1 response element26-67
Minimal TA promoter (pTA)   90-112
luc2 reporter gene  154-1806
SV40 late poly(A) signal1841-2062
SV40 early enhancer/promoter2110-2528
Synthetic neomycin phosphotransferase
 (Neor) coding region   2553-3347
Synthetic poly(A) signal3372-3420
Reporter Vector primer 4 (RVprimer4) binding region 3487-3506
ColE1-derived plasmid replication origin3744
Synthetic Beta-lactamase (Ampr) coding region   4535-5395
Synthetic poly(A) signal/transcriptional pause site 5500-5653
Reporter Vector primer 3 (RVprimer3) binding region 5602-5621


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