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Product Name: pBT3-SUC
Cat No.: PVT17423
Alternative Name: pBT3-SUC,pBT3-SUC vector,pBT3-SUC plasmid,pBT3-SUC map,pBT3-SUC sequence
Plasmid form: Freeze-dried powder
Storage Condition: -20 Centigrade
Bulk order Please contact us: sales@lifescience-market.com
Promoter: CYC1
Bacterial Resistance(s): Kan
Screening: LEU2
Growth Strain(s): DH5alpha
Culture Medium: LB
Temperature: 37 Centigrade
Vector Size: 7624 bp


pBT3-SUC Description

Cloning into pBT3-SUC When subcloning into pBT3-SUC, the PCR fragment encoding your protein of interest should start with the codon encoding the first amino acid downstream of the signal peptide cleavage site, as predicted by computer-based algorithms described in the section “Predict the topology of your protein of interest”. The PCR fragment should end with the last codon BEFORE the stop codon of the ORF. (i.e. the stop codon must be removed to ensure a continuous translation with the downstream Cub-LexA-VP16 ORF). Add Sfi I sites in the correct reading frame to ensure a continuous translation from the upstream SUC2 ORF and the downstream Cub-LexA-VP16 ORF, as shown below. The annealing portion of your primers should be long enough to ensure a melting temperature(Tm) of > 62°C, as calculated using the (G+C)/(A+T) method.

primer for subcloning into pBT3-SUC


Note: most oligonucleotide manufacturing companies require you to indicate the sequence of your oligonucleotide primer in the 5' to 3' orientation. Be sure to convert the final 3' primer into the reverse complement sequence to obtain the actual primer sequence for ordering. The “GG” depicted in red are used to ensure in-frame fusion with the downstream Cub-LexA-VP16 ORF. The resulting codon GGG encodes Gly.


pBT3-SUC Information

Auxotrophic marker (yeast): LEU2
Origin of replication (yeast): CEN/ARS (1-2 copies/cell)
Resistance marker(E. coli) : Kan (select with 30 g/ml kanamycine)
Origin of replication (E. coli): High copy


*Product is for research use only!

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