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pET-33b,Plasmid pET-33b,pET-33b vector

Bacterial Resistance:Kanamycin
Growth Strain:DH5α
Expression: Bacterial
Use:pET Plasmid


pET-33b Information

pET-33b(+) vector is derived from pET-28b(+) and carries a 15bp sequence encoding the protein kinase A (PKA) site RRASV, located between the thrombin cleavage and Nde I sites (1). Proteins expressed in pET-33b(+) can be easily purified by metal chelation chromatography (via either N- or C-terminal His•Tag® sequences) and efficiently labeled with 32P- or 33P-gATP and the catalytic subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase from heart muscle. Labeled proteins can be used as direct probes in protein-protein interaction studies. Unique sites are shown on the circle map. Note that the sequence is numbered by the pBR322 convention, so the T7 expression region is reversed on the circle map. The cloning/ expression region of the coding strand transcribed by T7 RNA polymerase is shown below. The f1 origin is oriented so that infection with helper phage will produce virions containing single-stranded DNA that corresponds to the coding strand. Therefore, single-stranded sequencing should be performed using the T7 terminator primer .

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