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pGRE-luc Description

PGRE-Luc can be used to detect the activity of GRE signaling pathway. Carrier pGRE-Luc contains luciferase gene from firefly. The vector also contains multiple copies of the GRE binding site sequence, which is fused with a TATA-like promoter (PTAL) derived from the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV-TK) promoter. When endogenous GRE proteins bind to GRE enhancers, transcription begins and the reporter gene begins to express. The luciferase encoded sequence was followed by a SV40 polyadenylate signal to ensure correct and efficient transcription in eukaryotic cells. There is a synthetic transcription inhibitory region (TB) upstream of the GRE binding site, which is composed of polyadenylate signaling and transcription termination sites to reduce the transcriptional background. The vector skeleton also contains an F1 replication initiation region for single strand DNA replication, a pUC replication initiation site and an ampicillin resistance gene for culture and screening.

The vector pGRE-Luc is used to detect the interaction between transcription factor GRE and GRE enhancer, providing a direct way to detect the activity of this pathway. The vector can be co-transfected with a target gene expression vector to observe whether it affects the activity of this pathway. Luciferase is a highly sensitive proenzyme reporter protein, suitable for any standard luciferase assay, can be used to quantify the level of expression. The pGRE-Luc vector can be transfected into mammalian cells by any standard method. In order to screen stable clones, transfected vectors usually contain resistant screening genes such as neomycin, hygromycin or puromycin.

The suitable host system is DH5 alpha and some other common lines. The single strand DNA synthesis of host bacteria requires a F 'episome, such as JM109. Screening marker: The plasmid provides the starting site of E. coli replication with ampicillin resistance (100ug/ml): pUC copy number: ~500 incompatible plasmid: pMB1/ColE1.


pGRE-luc Informaiton

Replicon: pUC
Prokaryotic resistance: ampicillin Amp
Screening marker: luciferase Luc
Clone strain: Escherichia coli DH5 alpha
Culture conditions: 37℃




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