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pMal-c4X Information

Promoter: Tac

Replicon: ColE1 ori

Terminator: rrnB T1 Terminator

Plasmid classification: Escherichia coli vector; pMal series expression plasmid

Plasmid size: 6645bp

Plasmid tagging: N-MBP, N-Factor Xa

Prokaryotic resistance: ampicillin Amp

Clonal strain: DH5 alpha

Culture conditions: 37 C, aerobic, LB

Expression host: BL21 (DE3)

Culture conditions: 37 C, aerobic, LB

Induction: IPTG or lactose and its analogues.

5'primers: MalE primers: 5-GGTCGTCAGACTGTCGATGAAGCC-3; MBP-F: 5-gatgaagccctgaaagacgcgcag-3

3'sequencing primers: pBad-5 5-gatttaatctgtatcagg-3; M13-F: 5-TGTAAAACGACGGCCAGT-3


pMal-c4X Description

The pMAL™-4 vectors (Figure 1) provide a method for expressing and purifying a protein produced from a cloned gene or open reading frame. The cloned gene is inserted downstream from the malE gene of E. coli, which encodes maltose-binding protein (MBP), resulting in the expression of an MBP fusion protein (1,2). The MBP in these vectors has been engineered for tighter binding to amylose. The method uses the strong “tac” promoter and the malE translation initiation signals to give high-level expression of the cloned sequences (3,4), and a one-step purification of the fusion protein using MBP’s affinity for maltose (5). The vectors express the malE gene (with or without its signal sequence) fused to the lacZα gene. Restriction sites between malE and lacZα are available for inserting the coding sequence of interest. Insertion inactivates the β-galactosidase α-fragment activity of the malE-lacZα fusion, which results in a blue to white color change on Xgal plates when the construction is transformed into an α-complementing host such as TB1, JM107 or NEB 5-alpha Competent E. coli (6,7). When present, the signal peptide on pre-MBP directs fusion proteins to the periplasm. For fusion proteins that can be successfully exported, this allows folding and disulfide bond formation to take place in the periplasm of E. coli, as well as allowing purification of the protein from the periplasm (8). The vectors carry the lacIq gene, which codes for the Lac repressor. This keeps expression from Ptac low in the absence of IPTG induction. The pMAL-4 vectors also contain the sequence coding for the recognition site of a specific protease, located just 5´ to the polylinker insertion sites. This allows MBP to be cleaved from the protein of interest after purification. The pMAL-c4X and pMAL-p4X vectors that are included in the system encode the site for Factor Xa (9, 10). Factor Xa cleaves after its four amino acid recognition sequence, so that few or no vector-derived residues are attached to the protein of interest, depending on the site used for cloning. pMAL vectors containing sites for alternative proteases are also available (Figure 1). The vectors pMAL-c4G and pMAL-p4G encode the site for Genenase™I , which cleaves following the sequence His-Tyr. The vectors pMAL-c4E  and pMAL-p4E  encode the site for Enterokinase , which cleaves following the sequence Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys.


pMal-c4X Multiple cloning site



pMal-c4X Sequence

LOCUS       Exported                6645 bp ds-DNA     circular SYN 14-08-2015
DEFINITION  synthetic circular DNA
KEYWORDS    pMal-c4X
SOURCE      synthetic DNA construct
  ORGANISM  synthetic DNA construct
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 6645)
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Exported 2015-8-14 from SnapGene Viewer 2.8.1
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..6645
                     /organism="synthetic DNA construct"
                     /mol_type="other DNA"
     promoter        3..80
                     /gene="lacI (mutant)"
                     /note="lacIq promoter"
                     /note="In the lacIq allele, a single base change in the
                     promoter boosts expression of the lacI gene about 10-fold."
     CDS             81..1163
                     /product="lac repressor"
                     /note="The lac repressor binds to the lac operator to
                     inhibit transcription in E. coli. This inhibition can be
                     relieved by adding lactose or
                     isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)."
     misc_feature    1406..1434
                     /note="tac promoter"
                     /note="strong E. coli promoter; hybrid between the trp and
                     lac UV5 promoters"
     protein_bind    1442..1458
                     /bound_moiety="lac repressor encoded by lacI"
                     /note="lac operator"
                     /note="The lac repressor binds to the lac operator to
                     inhibit transcription in E. coli. This inhibition can be
                     relieved by adding lactose or
                     isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)."
     CDS             1528..2628
                     /gene="malE (mutated)"
                     /product="maltose binding protein from E. coli"
                     /note="This version of the gene does not encode a signal
                     sequence, so MBP will remain in the cytosol."
     CDS             2677..2688
                     /product="Factor Xa recognition and cleavage site"
                     /note="Factor Xa site"
     primer_bind     complement(2736..2752)
                     /note="M13 fwd"
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar
     terminator      3101..3187
                     /gene="Escherichia coli rrnB"
                     /note="rrnB T1 terminator"
                     /note="transcription terminator T1 from the E. coli rrnB
     terminator      3279..3306
                     /note="rrnB T2 terminator"
                     /note="transcription terminator T2 from the E. coli rrnB
     promoter        3325..3416
                     /note="AmpR promoter"
     CDS             3417..4277
                     /note="confers resistance to ampicillin, carbenicillin, and
                     related antibiotics"
     rep_origin      complement(4319..4832)
                     /note="M13 ori"
                     /note="M13 bacteriophage origin of replication; arrow
                     indicates direction of (+) strand synthesis"
     rep_origin      4943..5531
                     /note="high-copy-number ColE1/pMB1/pBR322/pUC origin of
     misc_feature    5717..5859
                     /note="basis of mobility region from pBR322"
     CDS             complement(5961..6152)
                     /product="Rop protein, which maintains plasmids at low copy
        1 ccgacaccat cgaatggtgc aaaacctttc gcggtatggc atgatagcgc ccggaagaga
       61 gtcaattcag ggtggtgaat gtgaaaccag taacgttata cgatgtcgca gagtatgccg
      121 gtgtctctta tcagaccgtt tcccgcgtgg tgaaccaggc cagccacgtt tctgcgaaaa
      181 cgcgggaaaa agtggaagcg gcgatggcgg agctgaatta cattcccaac cgcgtggcac
      241 aacaactggc gggcaaacag tcgttgctga ttggcgttgc cacctccagt ctggccctgc
      301 acgcgccgtc gcaaattgtc gcggcgatta aatctcgcgc cgatcaactg ggtgccagcg
      361 tggtggtgtc gatggtagaa cgaagcggcg tcgaagcctg taaagcggcg gtgcacaatc
      421 ttctcgcgca acgcgtcagt gggctgatca ttaactatcc gctggatgac caggatgcca
      481 ttgctgtgga agctgcctgc actaatgttc cggcgttatt tcttgatgtc tctgaccaga
      541 cacccatcaa cagtattatt ttctcccatg aagacggtac gcgactgggc gtggagcatc
      601 tggtcgcatt gggtcaccag caaatcgcgc tgttagcggg cccattaagt tctgtctcgg
      661 cgcgtctgcg tctggctggc tggcataaat atctcactcg caatcaaatt cagccgatag
      721 cggaacggga aggcgactgg agtgccatgt ccggttttca acaaaccatg caaatgctga
      781 atgagggcat cgttcccact gcgatgctgg ttgccaacga tcagatggcg ctgggcgcaa
      841 tgcgcgccat taccgagtcc gggctgcgcg ttggtgcgga tatctcggta gtgggatacg
      901 acgataccga agacagctca tgttatatcc cgccgttaac caccatcaaa caggattttc
      961 gcctgctggg gcaaaccagc gtggaccgct tgctgcaact ctctcagggc caggcggtga
     1021 agggcaatca gctgttgccc gtctcactgg tgaaaagaaa aaccaccctg gcgcccaata
     1081 cgcaaaccgc ctctccccgc gcgttggccg attcattaat gcagctggca cgacaggttt
     1141 cccgactgga aagcgggcag tgagcgcaac gcaattaatg taagttagct cactcattag
     1201 gcacaattct catgtttgac agcttatcat cgactgcacg gtgcaccaat gcttctggcg
     1261 tcaggcagcc atcggaagct gtggtatggc tgtgcaggtc gtaaatcact gcataattcg
     1321 tgtcgctcaa ggcgcactcc cgttctggat aatgtttttt gcgccgacat cataacggtt
     1381 ctggcaaata ttctgaaatg agctgttgac aattaatcat cggctcgtat aatgtgtgga
     1441 attgtgagcg gataacaatt tcacacagga aacagccagt ccgtttaggt gttttcacga
     1501 gcacttcacc aacaaggacc atagcatatg aaaatcgaag aaggtaaact ggtaatctgg
     1561 attaacggcg ataaaggcta taacggtctc gctgaagtcg gtaagaaatt cgagaaagat
     1621 accggaatta aagtcaccgt tgagcatccg gataaactgg aagagaaatt cccacaggtt
     1681 gcggcaactg gcgatggccc tgacattatc ttctgggcac acgaccgctt tggtggctac
     1741 gctcaatctg gcctgttggc tgaaatcacc ccggacaaag cgttccagga caagctgtat
     1801 ccgtttacct gggatgccgt acgttacaac ggcaagctga ttgcttaccc gatcgctgtt
     1861 gaagcgttat cgctgattta taacaaagat ctgctgccga acccgccaaa aacctgggaa
     1921 gagatcccgg cgctggataa agaactgaaa gcgaaaggta agagcgcgct gatgttcaac
     1981 ctgcaagaac cgtacttcac ctggccgctg attgctgctg acgggggtta tgcgttcaag
     2041 tatgaaaacg gcaagtacga cattaaagac gtgggcgtgg ataacgctgg cgcgaaagcg
     2101 ggtctgacct tcctggttga cctgattaaa aacaaacaca tgaatgcaga caccgattac
     2161 tccatcgcag aagctgcctt taataaaggc gaaacagcga tgaccatcaa cggcccgtgg
     2221 gcatggtcca acatcgacac cagcaaagtg aattatggtg taacggtact gccgaccttc
     2281 aagggtcaac catccaaacc gttcgttggc gtgctgagcg caggtattaa cgccgccagt
     2341 ccgaacaaag agctggcaaa agagttcctc gaaaactatc tgctgactga tgaaggtctg
     2401 gaagcggtta ataaagacaa accgctgggt gccgtagcgc tgaagtctta cgaggaagag
     2461 ttggtgaaag atccgcggat tgccgccact atggaaaacg cccagaaagg tgaaatcatg
     2521 ccgaacatcc cgcagatgtc cgctttctgg tatgccgtgc gtactgcggt gatcaacgcc
     2581 gccagcggtc gtcagactgt cgatgaagcc ctgaaagacg cgcagactaa ttcgagctcg
     2641 aacaacaaca acaataacaa taacaacaac ctcgggatcg agggaaggat ttcagaattc
     2701 ggatcctcta gagtcgacct gcaggcaagc ttggcactgg ccgtcgtttt acaacgtcgt
     2761 gactgggaaa accctggcgt tacccaactt aatcgccttg cagcacatcc ccctttcgcc
     2821 agctggcgta atagcgaaga ggcccgcacc gatcgccctt cccaacagtt gcgcagcctg
     2881 aatggcgaat ggcagcttgg ctgttttggc ggatgagata agattttcag cctgatacag
     2941 attaaatcag aacgcagaag cggtctgata aaacagaatt tgcctggcgg cagtagcgcg
     3001 gtggtcccac ctgaccccat gccgaactca gaagtgaaac gccgtagcgc cgatggtagt
     3061 gtggggtctc cccatgcgag agtagggaac tgccaggcat caaataaaac gaaaggctca
     3121 gtcgaaagac tgggcctttc gttttatctg ttgtttgtcg gtgaacgctc tcctgagtag
     3181 gacaaatccg ccgggagcgg atttgaacgt tgcgaagcaa cggcccggag ggtggcgggc
     3241 aggacgcccg ccataaactg ccaggcatca aattaagcag aaggccatcc tgacggatgg
     3301 cctttttgcg tttctacaaa ctcttttgtt tatttttcta aatacattca aatatgtatc
     3361 cgctcatgag acaataaccc tgataaatgc ttcaataata ttgaaaaagg aagagtatga
     3421 gtattcaaca tttccgtgtc gcccttattc ccttttttgc ggcattttgc cttcctgttt
     3481 ttgctcaccc agaaacgctg gtgaaagtaa aagatgctga agatcagttg ggtgcacgag
     3541 tgggttacat cgaactggat ctcaacagcg gtaagatcct tgagagtttt cgccccgaag
     3601 aacgtttccc aatgatgagc acttttaaag ttctgctatg tggcgcggta ttatcccgtg
     3661 ttgacgccgg gcaagagcaa ctcggtcgcc gcatacacta ttctcagaat gacttggttg
     3721 agtactcacc agtcacagaa aagcatctta cggatggcat gacagtaaga gaattatgca
     3781 gtgctgccat aaccatgagt gataacactg cggccaactt acttctgaca acgatcggag
     3841 gaccgaagga gctaaccgct tttttgcaca acatggggga tcatgtaact cgccttgatc
     3901 gttgggaacc ggagctgaat gaagccatac caaacgacga gcgtgacacc acgatgcctg
     3961 tagcaatggc aacaacgttg cgcaaactat taactggcga actacttact ctagcttccc
     4021 ggcaacaatt aatagactgg atggaggcgg ataaagttgc aggaccactt ctgcgctcgg
     4081 cccttccggc tggctggttt attgctgata aatctggagc cggtgagcgt gggtctcgcg
     4141 gtatcattgc agcactgggg ccagatggta agccctcccg tatcgtagtt atctacacga
     4201 cggggagtca ggcaactatg gatgaacgaa atagacagat cgctgagata ggtgcctcac
     4261 tgattaagca ttggtaactg tcagaccaag tttactcata tatactttag attgatttac
     4321 cccggttgat aatcagaaaa gccccaaaaa caggaagatt gtataagcaa atatttaaat
     4381 tgtaaacgtt aatattttgt taaaattcgc gttaaatttt tgttaaatca gctcattttt
     4441 taaccaatag gccgaaatcg gcaaaatccc ttataaatca aaagaataga ccgagatagg
     4501 gttgagtgtt gttccagttt ggaacaagag tccactatta aagaacgtgg actccaacgt
     4561 caaagggcga aaaaccgtct atcagggcga tggcccacta cgtgaaccat cacccaaatc
     4621 aagttttttg gggtcgaggt gccgtaaagc actaaatcgg aaccctaaag ggagcccccg
     4681 atttagagct tgacggggaa agccggcgaa cgtggcgaga aaggaaggga agaaagcgaa
     4741 aggagcgggc gctagggcgc tggcaagtgt agcggtcacg ctgcgcgtaa ccaccacacc
     4801 cgccgcgctt aatgcgccgc tacagggcgc gtaaaaggat ctaggtgaag atcctttttg
     4861 ataatctcat gaccaaaatc ccttaacgtg agttttcgtt ccactgagcg tcagaccccg
     4921 tagaaaagat caaaggatct tcttgagatc ctttttttct gcgcgtaatc tgctgcttgc
     4981 aaacaaaaaa accaccgcta ccagcggtgg tttgtttgcc ggatcaagag ctaccaactc
     5041 tttttccgaa ggtaactggc ttcagcagag cgcagatacc aaatactgtc cttctagtgt
     5101 agccgtagtt aggccaccac ttcaagaact ctgtagcacc gcctacatac ctcgctctgc
     5161 taatcctgtt accagtggct gctgccagtg gcgataagtc gtgtcttacc gggttggact
     5221 caagacgata gttaccggat aaggcgcagc ggtcgggctg aacggggggt tcgtgcacac
     5281 agcccagctt ggagcgaacg acctacaccg aactgagata cctacagcgt gagctatgag
     5341 aaagcgccac gcttcccgaa gggagaaagg cggacaggta tccggtaagc ggcagggtcg
     5401 gaacaggaga gcgcacgagg gagcttccag ggggaaacgc ctggtatctt tatagtcctg
     5461 tcgggtttcg ccacctctga cttgagcgtc gatttttgtg atgctcgtca ggggggcgga
     5521 gcctatggaa aaacgccagc aacgcggcct ttttacggtt cctggccttt tgctggcctt
     5581 ttgctcacat gttctttcct gcgttatccc ctgattctgt ggataaccgt attaccgcct
     5641 ttgagtgagc tgataccgct cgccgcagcc gaacgaccga gcgcagcgag tcagtgagcg
     5701 aggaagcgga agagcgcctg atgcggtatt ttctccttac gcatctgtgc ggtatttcac
     5761 accgcatata tggtgcactc tcagtacaat ctgctctgat gccgcatagt taagccagta
     5821 tacactccgc tatcgctacg tgactgggtc atggctgcgc cccgacaccc gccaacaccc
     5881 gctgacgcgc cctgacgggc ttgtctgctc ccggcatccg cttacagaca agctgtgacc
     5941 gtctccggga gctgcatgtg tcagaggttt tcaccgtcat caccgaaacg cgcgaggcag
     6001 ctgcggtaaa gctcatcagc gtggtcgtgc agcgattcac agatgtctgc ctgttcatcc
     6061 gcgtccagct cgttgagttt ctccagaagc gttaatgtct ggcttctgat aaagcgggcc
     6121 atgttaaggg cggttttttc ctgtttggtc actgatgcct ccgtgtaagg gggatttctg
     6181 ttcatggggg taatgatacc gatgaaacga gagaggatgc tcacgatacg ggttactgat
     6241 gatgaacatg cccggttact ggaacgttgt gagggtaaac aactggcggt atggatgcgg
     6301 cgggaccaga gaaaaatcac tcagggtcaa tgccagcgct tcgttaatac agatgtaggt
     6361 gttccacagg gtagccagca gcatcctgcg atgcagatcc ggaacataat ggtgcagggc
     6421 gctgacttcc gcgtttccag actttacgaa acacggaaac cgaagaccat tcatgttgtt
     6481 gctcaggtcg cagacgtttt gcagcagcag tcgcttcacg ttcgctcgcg tatcggtgat
     6541 tcattctgct aaccagtaag gcaaccccgc cagcctagcc gggtcctcaa cgacaggagc
     6601 acgatcatgc gcacccgtgg ccaggaccca acgctgcccg aaatt


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