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pTrc-CKS,Plasmid pTrc-CKS,pTrc-CKS vector


pTrc-CKS Informaiton

Promoter: Trc/lac

Replicon: ColE1 ori

Terminator: rrnB T1 Terminator

Plasmid classification: Escherichia coli vector; PET series expression plasmid

Plasmid size: 5.2kb

Plasmid label: N-CKS, C-6 x His, N-P3C

Prokaryotic resistance: ampicillin Amp

Cloned strain: DH5 alpha

Culture conditions: 37 centigrade, aerobic, LB

Expression host: BL21 (DE3)

Culture conditions: 37 centigrade, aerobic, LB

Inducement: IPTG or lactose and its analogues

5'sequencing primers: 5 ATC CAT GTT GCT GTT GCT CAG G 3

3'sequencing primers: 5 GAT TTA ATC TGT ATC AGG 3


pTrc-CKS Description

pTrc-CKS expression vector uses E.coliTrc promoter and protein engineering to transform CKS (CTP:CMP-3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate cytidylyltransferase or CMP-KDO synthetase) gene fusion expression, and selects the exclusive cleavage site of the 14 subtype 3C protease of human rhinovirus. CKS fusion expression is the patent of Abbot company of the United States. CKS fusion protein has successfully developed HIV and HCV recombinant antigen and obtained FDA certification in the United States. CKS is a highly stable and highly soluble ideal fusion partner. In addition to removing 8 amino acids from the CKS C terminal, the invention also changes the C end Met to Thr.


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