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TAL3393 Informaiton

Promoter: CMV promoter

Replicon: ori, F1 ori

Terminator: bGH poly (A) signal

Plasmid classification: gene library plasmid; other gene plasmids; fish gene plasmid.

Plasmid size: 8058bp

Plasmid tagging: N-3xFLAG, N-SV40 NLS, C-FokI cleavage domain

Prokaryotic resistance: ampicillin Amp (100 g/ml)

Screening marker: magnaporin blast

Clone strains: XL1 Blue and E. coli.

Culture conditions: 37 C, aerobic, LB

Expression host: mammalian cells such as 293T

Remarks: high copy plasmid


TAL3393 Description

TAL3393  is an eukaryotic expression plasmid expressing zebrafish gene. CMV promoter promotes the expression of Zebrafish Community-vasa-right gene.


TAL3393 Reference

Targeted gene disruption in somatic zebrafish cells using engineered TALENs.


TAL3393 Sequence

LOCUS       Exported                8058 bp ds-DNA    circular SYN 16-AUG-2017
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..8058
                     /organism="synthetic DNA construct"
                     /mol_type="other DNA"
     enhancer        235..614
                     /note="CMV enhancer"
                     /note="human cytomegalovirus immediate early enhancer"
     promoter        615..818
                     /note="CMV promoter"
                     /note="human cytomegalovirus (CMV) immediate early 
     promoter        863..881
                     /note="T7 promoter"
                     /note="promoter for bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase"
     CDS             907..972
                     /product="three tandem FLAG(R) epitope tags, followed by an
                     enterokinase cleavage site"
     CDS             979..999
                     /product="nuclear localization signal of SV40 large T 
                     /note="SV40 NLS"
     misc_feature    1020..3312
     CDS             3319..3906
                     /product="nonspecific DNA cleavage domain of the FokI 
                     endonuclease (Li et al., 1992)"
                     /note="FokI cleavage domain"
                     /note="must dimerize to be catalytically active"
     polyA_signal    4019..4243
                     /note="bGH poly(A) signal"
                     /note="bovine growth hormone polyadenylation signal"
     rep_origin      4289..4717
                     /note="f1 ori"
                     /note="f1 bacteriophage origin of replication; arrow 
                     indicates direction of (+) strand synthesis"
     promoter        4731..5061
                     /note="SV40 promoter"
                     /note="SV40 enhancer and early promoter"
     rep_origin      4912..5047
                     /note="SV40 ori"
                     /note="SV40 origin of replication"
     promoter        5109..5156
                     /note="EM7 promoter"
                     /note="synthetic bacterial promoter "
     CDS             5175..5573
                     /gene="Aspergillus terreus BSD"
                     /product="blasticidin S deaminase"
                     /note="confers resistance to blasticidin"
     polyA_signal    5731..5852
                     /note="SV40 poly(A) signal"
                     /note="SV40 polyadenylation signal"
     protein_bind    5925..5941
                     /bound_moiety="lac repressor encoded by lacI"
                     /note="lac operator"
                     /note="The lac repressor binds to the lac operator to 
                     inhibit transcription in E. coli. This inhibition can be 
                     relieved by adding lactose or 
                     isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)."
     promoter        complement(5949..5979)
                     /note="lac promoter"
                     /note="promoter for the E. coli lac operon"
     protein_bind    5994..6015
                     /bound_moiety="E. coli catabolite activator protein"
                     /note="CAP binding site"
                     /note="CAP binding activates transcription in the presence 
                     of cAMP."
     rep_origin      complement(6303..6891)
                     /note="high-copy-number ColE1/pMB1/pBR322/pUC origin of 
     CDS             complement(7062..7922)
                     /note="confers resistance to ampicillin, carbenicillin, and
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