ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains


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ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains

Alternative name      ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains,ET12567(pUZ8002),Escherichia coli
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Storage at -20centigrade/span>

ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains Genotype

F- dam-13::Tn9 dcm-6 hsdM hsdR zjj-202::Tn10 recF143 galK2 galT22 ara-14 lacY1 xyl-5 leuB6 thi-1 tonA31 rpsL136 hisG4 tsx-78 mtl-1 glnV44


ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains information

Resistance: Kan/Chl
Medium: LB
Strain: Escherichia coli
Culture conditions: 37, aerobic, LB
Plasmid transformation: 42 h heat shock
Preservation method: 20% glycerin, -20 DEG C
Basic application: for gene cloning
Remarks: applied to Streptomyces gene manipulation


ET12567 (pUZ8002) Escherichia coli Strains Description

ET12567 (pUZ8002) was added to 25 ug/ml chloramphenicol and 25 ug/ml kanamycin in the process of culture. ET12567 (pUZ8002) is mainly used to carry out the gene manipulation of Streptomyces, using the combined transfer method to import genes into Streptomyces, the gene knockout of Streptomyces, or the global and recognized strains in the process of gene multiplication.

ET12567 (pUZ8002) is a methylation defective strain. Most Streptomyces can separate their own DNA and foreign DNA through the methyl modified system, so the plasmids that need to be transferred into the Streptomyces must use ET12567 (pUZ8002) to enter the Streptomyces in the Streptomyces. If the Streptomyces used do not contain a methylation modification system, the DH5a (pUZ8002) strain can also be combined to transfer.

The pUZ8002 plasmid contains tra gene, which can transfer the protein Tra to DNA gene transfer.

The supporting carriers for ET12567 (pUZ8002) are pSET152 and pKC1139.

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